Strengthening the bonds of community to embrace diversity and reject bigotry.

Our mission: To work for social justice for all people by supporting diversity, respect, and inclusiveness, while opposing bigotry, harassment, and discrimination.

The Latah County Human Rights Task Force is active in YOUR community!  We commit to stand up and speak out for respect and justice for all, and implement and support proactive community human rights programs including the following:

  • Proactive education programs for community and schools
  • Victim assistance and referrals
  • Working with public officials to ensure fairness and respect for all
  • Mobilizing the community to respond to hate and prejudice
  • Networking with human rights organizations throughout the state and nation
  • Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Human Rights Breakfast, Rosa Parks Achievement Awards and Art and Essay Contest
  • Human Rights Day at the Moscow Farmer’s Market

Please look over our site. We hope you can participate; drop us a comment if you’d like.