Art and Essay Contest

Each year a topic concerning human rights is chosen with grade-specific contest parameters.  The information below is provided for the 2021-22 contest.



While still in college, Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote that educators must develop their students’ critical thinking, intelligence, and moral character. Throughout his life Dr. King worked against segregation and for inclusive and equal education for all. Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirms equal education as a human right and asserts that it should foster “the strengthening of respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms. It shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among nations, racial, or religious groups.” To promote thinking about the nature and value of education, the Latah County Human Rights Task Force offers the following essay and art topics:

Lower Elementary grades 1-3
Essay: Write about three important things you are learning in school;
Art: Make a poster showing students learning important things.

Upper Elementary- Grades 4-5
Essay: Write a letter on the value of education for you and for your community. Your letter may be addressed to the principal of your school, a member of your school board, or the Moscow-Pullman Daily News.
Art: Make a poster or comic strip illustrating what good education is all about.

Middle School – Grades 6-7
Essay: Education has not always been inclusive. For example, it did not become racially inclusive until the 1954 Brown vs. State Board of Education Supreme Court decision. And quality education for children with disabilities was not the norm until the 1965 Americans with Disabilities Act. Drawing if possible on your experience, discuss in a 300-400 word essay the value of having an educational experience which includes children with different backgrounds and abilities..
Art: Illustrate a moment when education became more inclusive or what an inclusive classroom looks like.

High School. Grades 8-12
Essay: Read in the head-note what education should foster according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Write a 500-600 essay discussing how the education you have been receiving accomplishes this, or how it might better do so.
Art: Create a poster or a video that promotes respect for human rights or friendship among nations, religions, or racial groups.

Contest entries are due Friday, March 11, 2022. Teachers and individual students can submit entries anytime up through that date. Email Walter Hesford ( to have entries picked up, or send them to The Latah County Human Rights Task Force, P.O. Box 8613, Moscow ID 83843. Contest winners will be honored in a ceremony on Saturday, March 26 and receive a $25 gift certificate from BookPeople of Moscow.