Art and Essay Contest

Each year a topic concerning human rights is chosen with grade-specific contest parameters.  The information below is provided for the 2021 contest.



“Of all forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and inhuman.” Martin Luther King, Jr., speaking to the Medical Committee for Human Rights, March 25, 1966. The COVID-19 pandemic has made us mindful of our health and well-being, and the quality of our health care. The Latah County Human Rights Task Force has developed a power-point presentation on Health and Well-Being as Human Rights, available on the Task Force’s website here: Health and Wellness Presentation | Latah County Human Rights Task Force (, on Instagram, and through your teacher. This power-point may be helpful while responding to the following essay and art topics.

Lower Elementary grades 1-3
Essay: Make a list for you and your classmates of things you can do to stay healthy and happy;
Art: Make a poster showing kids doing things that might make them healthy and happy.
( Section 2 of the Power Point and the Children’s Activity in Section 8 of Power Point may be helpful.)

Upper Elementary- Grades 4-5
Essay: Write a 200 word essay on what you think are the three most important supports for your health and well-being.
Art: Draw an illustration or make a poster of what you feel supports health and well-being.
(Section 3 of the Power Point and its Flower Pot illustration may be helpful.)

Middle School – Grades 6-7
Essay: Research the context of Martin Luther King’s remarks to the Medical Committee for Human Rights in 1966 (see Section One of Power Point) Write a 500 word essay addressing these questions:
What led him to be concerned about inequality that results in “injustice in health”? Are his remarks still relevant? (Google “Martin Luther King on Health Care” for some background information. Section 7 of the Power Point will also be helpful. ).
Art: Create a poster or diorama showing the conditions that caused King to make his remarks or that show why they are still relevant.

High School. Grades 8-12
Essay: There are many reports that both people of color and poor people suffered higher rates of mortality during the COVID-19 pandemic. After reading Section 5 of the Power Point and doing additional research, write a 500 word essay on one of the factors that have led to these higher death rates.
Art: Create a video or poster illustrating something we have learned from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Because of the pandemic, contest entries are not due until April 16; we hope to have an open-air celebration of winners in early May. Of course, teachers and individual students can submit entries whenever they are ready (up to April 16). Email Walter Hesford  ( to have entries picked up, or send them to Latah County Human Rights Task Force, P.O Box 8613, Moscow ID 83843. Contest winners will receive a certificate of merit and a $25 gift certificate from BookPeople of Moscow.