Rosa Parks Award Winners – 2024

Community Award: Kathy Dawes

Volunteer and author of “New Years Challenge”, Vice-Chair of the Latah County Democrats

Junior Award: Rebekah (Bex) Riehm

University of Idaho graduate student, administrative assistant for the UI Black and African American Culture Center, organizer for the first UI Black Excellence Gala.


Each year the Latah County Human Rights Task Force honors the memory of this historic and courageous act by presenting two Rosa Parks Human Rights Achievement Awards.

  • One award is given to a recipient who has a significant history of commitment and achievement in the field of human rights for Latah County.
  • A Junior Award is presented to a high school or university student, or some other young person who shows promise in the field of human rights.

The award is named for Rosa Parks, a soft-spoken African-American seamstress, who refused to give up her seat to a white man, breaking existing segregation laws. Her courage started the Montgomery bus boycott, which marked a great stride forward for human rights and integration.

The criteria for the selection of a Rosa Parks award include, but are not limited to,

  • length of active participation in human rights causes;
  • a record of leadership and accomplishment; and
  • manifestations of special courage and commitment in opposing bigotry and celebrating diversity.